Create board from template each month / Link board?


I am fairly new to but I am slowly finding my way around it . I have set up a template that I’d like to deploy as a board each month automatically. Is this possible?

Also, this template / board has multiple groups that contain items to be completed by a user. This user may not be the same user each time. We have a board that has the users in, is it possible to use any integrations that could set the user to complete the items based on a due date?


hi @Urbanfox

Welcome to the community! You can do the first part of your question using two custom automations. The first one is “At every time period” (you can choose the first day of every month) create an item. Make sure you have a dedicated status label like the one shows (e.g. “Used for automation”) and set the status of the newly created item to that label.

Now, for the second one you can trigger on item creation AND only if status is that value. As the action you can create a board from a template AND (optionally) delete the item just created as it was only used to trigger.

The second part of your question requires some external low code platform (like Make, Zapier) to do this. Have fun !!

Hi @basdebruin

Thanks for your kind reply. I can see how that would work now, thank you!


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