[How To] When status change, Create few boards from templates under New folder

Hi, I am new to Monday.com.
I created some board templates and successfully setup automation to create new board from template when status change.
However, I would like to group those new created boards into a new folder but seem no automation for folder creation.
Might I know any way to set automation to create new boards from template in a new folder (folder name using the item name).
Please advise, thanks.

Hello Yen,

Welcome to the monday community!

The closest thing I can think of similar to what you are asking for is this.

You can choose the name of the new board, presumably based on the item’s name , and then of course the workspace and the folder it is created in. The folder has to be preexisting, so this is not exactly what you are asking for.

If this is not sufficient for you, I would suggest creating a post here explaining what you want to do, as I am afraid automated folder creation is not yet a feature.

I hope I was helpful enough.

Giannis, thespelas.com Implementation Consultant

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Yes, I would like to request for automated folder creation. will create a post for it. Thanks.

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