Advanced logic in board creation

In using the custom automation, it looks like I can choose “when status changes from x to y” and pick a few actions. The action that I can’t pick is “create a new board from a template.” In the pre-canned automations, I can choose "When project status changes to X, create a new board (template) and notify someone. Is it possible to merge these two?

I have 5 groups of items - new, active, hot, inactive, and complete in my summary board. New entries begin in new. If I change the status to active, hot, or inactive, I’d like to create a new board from an existing template. If the status changes from inactive to active, I would not want to create the new board because it should already exist.


Hi @BruceB - sadly, the “create board” automations are not available in the custom automations for some reason?

What you could do is utilize a second status column that on change triggers the creation of a board from the templates and use the “when status changes from x to y” automation to drive the second status.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks @mark.anley. I’ll give it a try and report back.

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Looks to be working. Thanks. I had not thought about making it two steps. I’ll just move my new status column “Board Status” values Needs Project Board and Project Board Created to the far right.