Using automations to create new board (project)

We have a list of trackable items which may be converted to projects. To help with this, we have created ‘button’ column (called create project) which triggers an automation task as below.

Is there a way we can specify the ‘template’ used or can we modify this template with the set of status, priority and other preferred customisations?

– Automation Task –
When Create project clicked
then create a board from template
and set Type to project

Hey @greg.klaasssen - within the automation builder when you select the Create Board from template option, you can select which template to create the new board from. While you cannot dynamically set column values in the newly created board, if you create multiple templates with values assigned then add a condition to your button:

When Create Project clicked and if Type is “Project Type 1”
then create board from Template (using Template 1)

When Create Project clicked and if Type is “Project Type 2”
then create board from Template (using Template 2)


Hope this helps!

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the reply. It was my misunderstanding in placement of process.
In the ‘create a board from template’ I was expecting there to be an option on ‘Template’ that would allow the selection of which template to use - this is not selectable, it’s just a word!

One can choose the template from [board] - default being start a new board from scratch. I needed to select the drop down option and pick preferred template.


Hi @greg.klaasssen you have to ensure to save a board as a template if you want to use it in the automation recipe.