Automatially using a template for new boards

I must be missing something. We’ve created what we want to be our “standard” project management template, and we want everyone to use it. From what I can see, the only way people can use this template is by taking the following steps:

  • Click on “+” icon
  • Choose “Choose from templates”
  • Choose “Templates created in your account”
  • Choose the template

That’s a lot of steps, I want to make it easier - like a one-click button to create a board in your workspace using our template. How can I do that?

I tried created a board that had a button column, and attaching an automation to that button that creates a board using our template. That’s pretty close, except that you have to indicate a specific location for the template (like my own workspace) - I need the board to appear in each user’s workspace as they create the board.

How can I accomplish this? Could i do it with Make?


Hello @EricAlderman ,

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You actually have found the best way ( the automation) to set up a template board. Unfortunately, where it gets created will always have to be the same place and is dependent on the automation that you set up.

Even using Make would not help, as is does not give us the capability to move boards between workspaces ( you can duplicated it and move the duplicated board, but that can create many problems depending on how the boards are set up).

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

OK thanks. That’s a shame - there really should be an easier way of allowing some control of the use of templates.


Hello @EricAlderman,

You can create a template through an automation and duplicate to direct to the right workspace or folder through the advance settings.

The steps would be:

  1. Add a Triage Board with A few columns such as Status Column, Department Column, Project Number, Description and anything else you need to each workspace.
  2. Set board automation of status change to ‘Active’ when other status drop down has department name, then create board from template and create a line item in each of the other department triage board workspaces. Default the status to active for those boards as they get created so that the boards can trigger off creation of line.
  3. Specify the template from your template board and also specify the naming convention (You can merge from the line its being created from)
  4. Advance Setting > Set Folder location in this workspace.
  5. Template the Automation and add to all the workspaces Triage Board for each department.

This is a standard practice of portfolio management and will ensure a workflow is followed. Make is also a good option but this is the way to do it out of the box.

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