Create new board and move / copy Item to new created board

How can i make the following automatisation?

when status changed to approved, create new board from Template “x” and move / copy Item to this new created board

Hey @a.mooser!

Transparently there is no super seamless way to set this up natively, however I did have an idea that might help in some way.

You would need to have an additional status column set up in your board which essentially will be the trigger for the item to move to the new board - that said, each time the new board is created you’d need to create a new status label that aligns with the board name.

From the outset, you’d set up this recipe (which I believe you already have setup):

Then, once that board is created, you’d then want to go back into the first board and create the following recipe using the secondary status column:

I completely understand that this isn’t the most ideal process, however if you aren’t looking to implement any third party applications this might be the best way forward :pray:

Thank you Bianca,

unfortunately that is not what i am exactely looking for.

Let me describe my usecase:

Having a Board for Project Requests a new Project gets a Project Number once it is Approved at the Project Request Board. Additional there is a Set of Data captured while Project Request.

Once the Project is the accepted and gets Status Approved a New Board (New Project) will be created from a Template and Board gets the new Name (Project Number + Title).

Now it comes: Together with this Creation of the Board also the Project Number & Data Captured while Request should be copied automatically to the new Board.

I guess ideal would be to have the following and add : and create Item in this NEW board

So far i tryed the workaround to copy this into the Template which then will be in the new Project Board.

But issue then is, that this Items will be added and added and added…