I need your help.... Create new board from a new item, re-name the board based on item name and copy item data to new board

Hi @mosser, I was looking at your workaround. I do not see that template anywhere . I see things that are close and require me to move but the logic you use below I am not sure where to find it.

I want a form to create a new item in an approval board ( got this) and then when the item status changes to approved it makes a new board ( got this also) but then I want to copy the item from the approval board with all the data to the now newly created board, and also rename the newly created board to the same name as the item from the approval board.

Your logic below seems to do this but I do not know where to find the template to replicate this and when I try and do it as Custom, I do not seem to have any options. Help me Obi Wan…

Create new board and move / copy Item to new created board - Platform discussions - monday Community Forum

Hey Derek,

I’ve tagged the correct profile @a.mooser incase Alexander can guide you through this!

That said, based on what I can see if Alexander’s post, that second line is referencing a status column in the board… It’s important to note that because the way you have labelled your status column is likely different to Alexander’s labels, this would explain why the option may not be appearing in your search results - i.e. if you haven’t labelled your status column “project type” as Alexander has, it will not appear as an option.

I hope this helps explain a little!

That makes sense. I will try again.

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Hallo Derek, Hallo Bianca,
awesome if i could help with my process steps.

I work with templates.
That means i write the Lineitem of Approval board into the template and then create a board from template with the line. (automated with trigger that this line will be written into a group which is only used for this)
After that the new created line will be deleted from the Template board.

The poĂ­nt is, that you have to first write the Lineitem into the template as you can not handover the data directly (inside the create a new board automatization).

While the new board is in creation i just move with the same automatization of writing the Lineitem into Template board, into a dedicated group inside the approval board that list me all approved Projects.

Let me know if you need further help. Happy to share my experiences.

As i was learning a lot since i created that function i recommend to forsee the new board (template) with a lot of mirror connectins into summary boards like Projectphase end dates, Financials, Status updates, Tasks,… to consolidate data into mirror boards in order to build up reporting capability. Updating boards is not yet an automated thing to roll out new fuctions. We work with more than 150 project boards…thats not gonna done in i day if you want to roll out new functions.

@BiancaT Hey Bianca, is there any idea when the new functionality of Mother templates etc. will be rolled out?