Create new board and item automation

I am going nuts trying to find a solution for this.

  1. I use a form to get new marketing requests.
  2. When I approve the request, I want a new board (Project board) to be created either from scratch or from a template - dont really care.
  3. I also want the item to be copied to the new board
  4. I want the status to be updated from the “project board” to the new marketing request board.

Am i missing something simple?

Automation: When 'status" changes to ‘approved’ create a ‘new board’ and ‘new item’
New board should be named the item name - without being created prior to item
approval (or utilize a template that has same fields)
Item is the item that just got approved

Hello @mwilkens , We recently released an app to the marketplace which can help you get most of the things in your list done. Here is the link to the app

The process would follow something like this.

  • In the first step, select your board and groups (the current board is automatically selected as the default board)
  • Next, select the ‘approve’ status column. It will be very useful if you check the “Exclude empty cell items” checkbox in your case
  • In the third step, select “Unique values”
  • In the last step, choose “Copy” and create a new board and enter the new board and group name. Unfortunately, the same board and group name will be used for all the newly created board but can easily be renamed in
  • Finally, save everything as a template

Find ‘Kolaai’ in the Integration center and add this integration to your board

Your integration might read something like this:
When “Approved” status changes to “approve” run “Copy”
“Approved” = this column
“approve” = this
“Copy” = this template

Please note that, at the moment Copy works with only the item name, though we are working on it to include all the other columns.
Hope you find this useful. If you have a questions, you can reach out at

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