When an item is created, duplicate a board template

Hi i am new to Monday.com and want to create an automation.
for context, I want to automate a board creation. i have a board called ‘new hires’.
When i create an item on the ‘new hires’ board, i would like it to automatically duplicate a board template.
how do i do this on Monday.com apps?

any help would be greatly appreciated

hi @lydia

Will this one help you?


I don’t think there is an automation that dies create a new board on item creation, maybe you can use a status column for it?

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I think this will work! Thanks!

Hey @lydia,

I’m glad @basdebruin was able to help :slight_smile: Truthfully, he’s the best and I would honestly recommend the same thing.

Let us know if you need anything else! :star:


Thank you for your kind word Alex :slight_smile:

Being detailed focused as I am I think a little warning is in its place here. Remember automations run under the user credentials of the user who added the automation to the board.

So when user A added the automation and user B changed the status to trigger the board creation and chooses either “private” or “shareable” board type, the board will be created with user A being the owner of the boards and user B (who changed the status) wondering why she/he has no access to it.

The phenomena can be solved by either creating an App yourself or by using something like Integromat where you can get the userID of the user B (the one that triggers the board creation) and add that user to the list of board owners.



Thanks for making that clarification and that is indeed a great point :slight_smile: I appreciate your heads up here.


Is there a permissions setting that doesn’t allow the above automation recipe to be shown? I am trying to make an automation that would create a new project board when the status of something changes. When i go to create a custom automation, it doesn’t have the option to create a new board.

Hi @plewis!

Ahh yes-- I believe you’re asking about our custom automations.

This is a feature that we are still coming out with, so you wouldn’t be able to create a new board with a custom automation recipe just yet.

If you’d like, I would be more than happy to forward your feedback to our Product team.

For the future, I would definitely recommend starting a new community post! You can gain more visibility into your question that way.



We have Monday installed for use in our corporation and someone from another team used the exact Automation displayed by basdebruin in December. However, on my board when I try to create this custom automation I do not have a “create a new board” option so is this something blocked based on permissions?

Hi @ewigoe :wave:
Welcome to the Community!

Apologies for our delay in responding here!

It’s possible that you may not be able to create this automation if there are specific permission settings set up on the account.
If your team is using our Enterprise plan, they may have restricted which types of users can create new boards.

If you’re able to create this automation on other boards in the account, then the permissions may be at the board level.

We’d love to look into this further if you’re still unable to create these types of automations.
Could you record a quick screen recording of the steps you’re taking to create these automations and pop it over to support@monday.com? We can continue from there!



Is there a way we can duplicate the board automatically on the basis of some condition like date or time?

Hello, is there any update to this? I have a board that lists all my projects as items and when I add a new item I would like to create a new board from a template with the item name as the board name. I can’t even see the automation featured above.

Hello @PeterHumphreys ,
Welcome to the monday community. You might be interested in the Duplicates and Uniques app which can help you achieve exactly what you have requested. Here is a video of such. If you have any questions, you can always reach out at support@kolaai.com

Thankyou but I don’t want to pay $15 a month.

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