Duplicate a board from an automate

Hi Community, i need your help :slight_smile:
I would like to create an automate that will (depending on condition) duplicate an existing board (Structure + Items).
For example, when a status of an item changed to done, then duplicate board.
Is that doable ?

hi @Jennifer_Cem
Welcome to the community. I don’t think this exact requirement can be done with an automation. The closest I know of is:

In the new board selection you can select to create the new board from an account template. If you create a template out of your existing board you want to duplicate this might be the automation you want to use.

Alternatively you can use Integromat / Zapier low code platforms to achieve this.

Thanks @basdebruin for your answer.

In fact it is close to want i want to achieve. But, i tried to trigger the action ‘Create Board’ from a custom Automate and no option to do it there.

Do you have an idea why ?

hi @Jennifer_Cem

Not sure why monday.com does not support all actions from “bespoke automations” in the custom automation builder. The action is supported by the API (I use it in many different apps) but apparently it is not a priority for monday.com to add this building block.