Duplicate entire board once all items are marked "Done"

Is it possible to create an automation that will duplicate an entire board once all items are set to the “Done” status?
For example, I have an abundance of business licenses I have to renew each year. Once I have all of those items completed, can Monday then duplicate the board for the next year’s list of renewals?

Hey Bethany!

Charlotte here for the team! :wave: Happy to help out with this!

Unfortunately, that exact workflow is not supported just yet with our automations but I have a couple of ideas for workarounds.

Option 1: Use the following automation and add a reminder to duplicate the board in the notification. You’ll still have to manually duplicate the board.

Option 2: Create a template from this board and then employ the following two automation recipes:

In these recipes, you will need to set up a dependency so the last item that gets completed is dependent on the item before it. Additionally, the second status that gets changed by the automation will need to be its own status column so that the regular status column does not trigger the second recipe. For example, all items are marked done in the “Status Column #1” and when the last item is marked done, it marks a throwaway item (for the sake of the automation) as “done” in “Status Column #2”.

That way, when that Status Column #2 is changed, it can trigger the second automation recipe to create a board from the template of this board.

Unfortunately, there is no “duplicate board” action available with this custom setup but let me know if either of these approaches might work for you!