Auto-Creation of Subitems from Another Board

Hello, All-
Hoping there’s a pro in here that can help me with solving this workflow conundrum! Essentially, I’m trying to have subitems automatically create within an item, but those subitems have creation criteria. More detailed use case below.

Board #1: This board has a list of projects (items). When a status is flipped to a specific status, an automation is triggered that creates a new item in Board #2 based on the project whose status was changed in Board #1.

Board #2: Now that the new item is created here, a list of subitems needs to be auto-created within it. These subitems are project members, and each project member needs its own subitem line so that they can be tracked. The project members, though, fluctuate. The list of project members are found on another board, Board #3. The ultimate goal would be that the subitems are automatically created based on the current, updated list of project members that stays active in Board #3.

In my mind, the automation flow would be similar to: When new item is created, create a subitem for each project member in Board #3.

Hopefully this makes sense to an expert on here, open to any suggestions!

Hi @33Harlow

Interesting use case. This is not something you can do with out-of-the-box automations. You would need to use either een low code platform like Integromat / Zapier or develop an app in the monday framework. As it requires interaction with 3 boards this won’t be a simple one, but everything is possible :slight_smile: . We do have an Item per Person app which creates items on another board2 when the status in board1 is changed. For each person listed in the item in board1 an item is created in board2.

This could be the basis for a custom app development. If you are interested please DM me.

Ohhh! Love a good challenge.

So there is a third party integration that is offered in called Vlookup. Essentially it does the same thing as an Excel vlookup.

Now this might take a little bit of reformatting, but what I might suggest is that you would use your Board 3 to have the item named the same as the criteria (status the item was changed to? I might need a little more information…) and then using a column in Board 3 to assign the people in a people column who would always be doing that specific task.

In the Vlookup you could have the matching/defining factor be the trigger for vlookup to add people to the item in Board 2 and then create a series of custom automations that say “When person is assigned, create a subitem” by using the custom automation recipe.

This is a bit of a work around but I think it could work!