Recurring Items

Hi there,

Is the monday team in a position to create recurrences (and general automations) for single items and groups, rather than just the whole board?

For instance: every week I have certain tasks to complete on certain days but because the recurrance function applies to the whole board, i’ve have to have a seperate board completely for recurring items with groups for each day of the week. The only way I can get these tasks to recur is if i manually change the date to the following week once complete rather than select ‘done’

For example: Ideally, it would be amazing if I could set 1 item (not items within a group, or a board) to recur every monday @ 9am. So when i’ve completed that item, I would select ‘done’ status and it would automatically pop up next monday at 9am.

Would be most grateful for any support or advice you can offer around this suggestion.

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Hello @Jo_Simmons ,
I think the Duplicates and Uniques might help you out there. What you can do is to create that item in a group and then in the app, select that group and the copy option to copy the item from that group to your desired group. Next, you can save that as a template and make the template run everyday at 9am. So everyday at 9am, you will have a recurring item ready for use.
You can reach out at if you have any further questions.
Thank you.

Thank you for the geeat suggestion, @kolaai!

@Jo_Simmons at this time, any autoamtion recipe you add to the board will work across the whole board at once. If you’d like this to be a bit more granular, you could use a Status column with custom labels that would represent certain recurring tasks within your workflow. You’d then be able to set up a recipe like:

“When Status changes to Done, and Type of Task is MondayRecurring9AM, push Due date by 7 days”

Alternatively, you could create a new item on the same board as well.

What do you think, would any of those work? I also moved this topic to a different section that focuses on Automation Workflows, as I think you’d have more opinions and suggestions there. :slight_smile:


Hi Alex,

Thanks so much for your feedback, unfortunately this recipe does not exist. For example, you suggested:

“When Status changes to Done, and Type of Task is MondayRecurring9AM, push Due date by 7 days**”**

I cannot find a recipe for the middle section of this 'and Type of Task is’. I am only presented with 2 options (‘person is someone’ and ‘status is something’) see screenshot attached. Is this a recipe that can be added i.e. a specific task recipe? I think this would be a great idea, then people can select the task within a board that the recipe is applicable to only which would be epic!

Thanks for your help and suggestions, but sadly at this time they do not work for me.

Best wishes

Hi Alfred,

Thanks for your feedback, can you confirm how much the duplicates and uniques app costs to install?

Many thanks

Hello @Jo_Simmons,
Plans start at $39. You can read about the differences between the plans here . If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to me at


I think what @AlexSavchuk was suggesting was creating a status type column called “Type of Task” that would include values such as “MondayRecurring9AM”. You would then be able to identify which tasks would be controlled by which automations.