Recurring Meeting


We were checking to see if there is a way on to recurring meetings to create multiple items on a board? For example, if we have a company training course every Tuesday for the next eight weeks, can we have it set up that it shows eight separate items? An even handier way would be if the timeline showed the eight Tuesdays in one item rather than saying from and a too date?

Sorry if this doesn’t make much sense but its hard to explain. Having a solution to this problem would streamline our use on, rather than making individual items.

Thanks in advance and appreciate any feedback!


I think you have to create each item manually or you can use duplicate item to go a bit faster. Then you have to change the due dates on every item manually.

If there is no repeating pattern, is see no chance to get this done easier.

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Hi @DarrenNeu - You can set up an Automation that every time period (like every week), create an Item. It will create them each week as you go (but it won’t create them out 8 weeks in advance). Will that help?

Hey @DarrenNeu! Recurring automations to create items sound like the way to go in this case :slight_smile: How To Create Recurring Tasks

That being said, these won’t show items all at once—they will be shown each week, as @PolishedGeek mentioned!

Another way to go might be creating the 8 items manually, then populating them with the same information in one click with Batch Actions.

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