Daily item created without an end date

Hey community,

I am using monday.com for my teams project management and workload management. I create one group per project and the items are the different tasks.

I am wondering how I can create an item for periodic meetings. E.g. if we have a weekly meeting, that takes one hour of the team member’s weekly workload capacity. I found an article about the automation “every day create an item”. But that does not solve what I am searching for. To have the meeting planned for the future week’s workload, the item should be there without an end without having to duplicate the item every week. So that it is one item, that counts for the following weeks.

I hope there is a solution.

Thanks in advance

hi @Glanzstueck

Welcome to the community. It looks like you are looking to a recurring timeline within a single item (not a recurring item). That is not supported by monday.com I am afraid. You can try to post a feature request and see what the monday team will tell.

Hi @basdebruin ,

thanks for your answer. I hope you just misunderstood me.

monday.com is a tool to plan projects and staff capacity for the future. And that there is a task that happens every week and therefore has to be considered in the weekly capacity is not the unnormal in daily business workflow, isn’t it? Is there really no option?

Best regards

hi @Glanzstueck

Maybe I do misunderstand :slight_smile: . Tell me exactly what you want to achieve. What I understood is that you want to have 1 item with an endless recurring weekly timeline. That is indeed not possible I am afraid.

Hi @basdebruin ,

I am using monday.com for project management and planning my team’s capacity to see when the next project can start.

My usecase is:

  • one main board for all projects
  • one group is one project
  • the items within the groups are the tasks in the projects. Most tasks have a timeframe, what it has to be done, a deadline and a workload/effort. So it answers. In which time frame do I have to do it, how long does it take.

Now there are meetings, that come daily or weekly. So those are tasks, that have a fix workload / effort. Since I plan the next weeks and months for my projects and teams, it does not help to use the automation to create the same item each week. I really hope, that there is an smarter solution than creating an item for each week so that there are tons of “weekly meeting” items in the group.

Best regards

hi @Glanzstueck

I am afraid there is no such solution in monday (not that I am aware of)