Want to automate the weekly recurring task but unable to do it

Hello Experts,
I am new to Monday.com and I have gone through the few training videos. I need your help experts to automate the task I have tried best of my knowledge but I am stuck may be you guys can give me some ideas or help me, below is the scenario:

There are 2 board which I have Current & Achieve and both has same group name and same columns so every monday I manually do this steps:
I make the duplicate of the In-progress group which is inside the current board and than I select all the task and updates and move to in-progress Achieve board and delete the duplicate which I have created current board.
This activity I do it every Monday 8 am .
Is there anyway anyone have any solution to this?

Hi @Gaurav_Nimje31
In this case, you need to use external application like Make or Zapier to achieve this.

Make provides Monday modules to carry out this operation. If you did not have Make, here is our magic link to get 1 Month Pro plan free (10,000 operations):

Please try and if you need any assistance, feel free to book a slot from Calendly

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