Recurring and Repeating Tasks

Starting this topic over again because Monday seems to be ignoring all of the old topics. Many requesting easier methods to create repeating and recurring tasks have been ignored since 2020.

Hi @DMarken
Happy New Year
If I am understanding correctly, the easiest way to to create a reaccuting and repeating task would be with an automation
This would allow you to create the same task with the details filled in at your needed time period ie once a week, once a day etc. You can also specify which group it will get created in

Hope this provides the answer needed
Many thanks in advance

Screenshot 2023-01-03 at 09.45.17
Screenshot 2023-01-03 at 09.45.37

Hey everyone!

We’ve been inspired by all these comments about creating this feature and good news, we went and created the app! :rocket: We’ve just launched Recurring Tasks, which now allows you to create recurring/repeating tasks in your boards. It is currently in Beta so please download it, give it a try and we would love to know what you think. :smile: I’ll also be more than happy to directly feed it back to our team! If you want to book a chat with me directly, here’s my calendly: Calendly - Amalia Rubino Muñoz


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