Recurring/repeating tasks


I am in great need of a “repeat feature”, so I can add “Repeat daily, weekly, monday or custom” to my various tasks. It’s an unbelievable amount of work to do everything manually.

Is this feature in the pipeline? A lot of other tools already have it, and it should be straightforward to create.

Hi @Boraghi! Have you had a chance to check out our recurring automations?

Thanks for reaching out!

You can use automations to create a new item or a group of items every week on certain days and at specified hours. You can find these automations in the automations store under the “Recurring Actions” category (and you can expect this category to keep growing!):


If you are looking to set-up a recurring automation using the first recipe in the image above, you could combine it with the following due date automation recipe to see when the item was created (by setting “some days” to 0, you’d see the exact creation date). :

To learn more about automations and how to add them to your boards, see here.

Alternatively, you can always make your own custom templates and work from them. For example, you can create a template board and then create a new board using the template. You can also create a template group on your board, and also duplicate that as needed. To learn more about templates, check this out:

Curious if this is what you were looking for! Cheers!

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@lauralev - what is the suggestion when the due date is different per group? Right now i’m not seeing a way to make a due date rule other than it affecting every new item on the board. I wish it could be every time a new item in “this group” is created update the “due date” + some days. Is there anything in the works for this? Or even better, every mon- wed - fri - duplicate this task…assign due date + 2 days upon creation of item. This would solve so many issues for us.


We have not yet made the jump to Monday, and recurring tasks is a simple but fundamental feature for us. The automation options are really cool, but as @weblifestores has mentioned, you can’t run different/more advanced rules or exceptions. The flexibility that Monday offers over Asana is what is attractive to us, but not being able to set recurrence at the individual task level seems strange. Any ETA on when some solution might ship?


my team and I have built a custom automation that can sounds like it would solve this issue.

Feel free to send me an email at if you’re interested in hearing more

Agree… it is incredible this feature is still missing. EVERY other system does this. Should be very simple. Create a task and there SHOULD be an option to have that specific task repeat as we want (weekly, monthly, custom). The automation for recurring tasks is literally ridiculous. Lol

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@lauralev - Any update on this?

@weblifestores Have you tried out the new Multiple Actions for Custom Automation Recipe? Here’s an example of what I’ve done using two status columns, one named Recurrence with options for Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly –

Won’t this “Custom Recipe” affect all of the tasks/pulses the Status of which was changed to Done? Every task is different with a different timeline and recurring pattern. E.g Filters need to be changed quarterly and Financial reports pulled monthly. It would be great if we could automate each line individually, as even tasks within one group may greatly differ in those parameters.

No. All criteria must be met before an automation will trigger. In the example I posted, the two criteria were –

  • Status changes to Done
  • Recurrence is Quarterly

Only when both of those criteria are true will the automation kick in and reset the due date and status columns.

As it sits now with the automations, I can just as easily manually push the date out instead of changing the status. And when I’m in calendar view, I won’t see when the task is due in upcoming months/quarters/years because it won’t be scheduled until the previous one is completed. Planning around a recurring task or budgeting for an upcoming bill is difficult when you have to keep remembering where it will be. And I’d rather not have to make a list of tasks that all say “Phone bill due” and have due dates one month apart to achieve that effect. Seems clunky.

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