Reoccuring Tasks

Hi Monday Team,

I’m a new Monday user so if some of these feature requests are possible I apologize. I have had 50 reply emails with support so I feel confident that they aren’t.

PLZ don’t see this as a negative comment but the reoccuring tasks for boards + the automation center need some TLC.

  1. Automation center gets messy super quick. Ability to folder, move automations inside the automations center + NAME your automations is a MASSIVE MUST. Some of our boards have 30+ automations + there is really no way to know what is what. For a productivity tool, this isn’t very productive.

  2. I’m sorry if I’m mistaken but support has given me this answer (which is why I’m writing this feature request). Coming from Todoist, our accounting team was able to create reoccurring tasks to appear every day, month, year on a specific date (i.e. December 1st) which apparently you can’t do as the “every 12 months recipe” is from the date of creation. That does us no good.

P.S. Creating Groups of Items then duplicating them on a specific date doesn’t work either. That’s not a reoccurring task, these just bog down the board + visually distract the team.

  1. It would be great if from the new pulse you could just type #everyMonday #everyDay + it would set that pulse + its settings to automate + reoccur.

Hope this helps.

Hi John,
Just writing to say that you are not alone and that there are many who have been asking for recurring tasks and other things similar to your comments for some time. It has been the source of an entire department in our organisation bailing out of, and others are having to do things manually because there is no answer yet. I just keep hanging in there, and trying to keep my co-workers happy with creative ways to structure boards that try to meet all their OTHER needs, but this one need could satisfy so many if it was offered!


Hi Gauri—

Well as excited that I’m not alone… hopefully that will push Monday to address the issue. Such a great software with such a massive let down in reoccurring tasks in my opinion.

I even thought about keeping Todoist just for reoccurring tasks and pushing them to boards but that won’t work as the integration between the two doesn’t support “People”. So if you tag someone as a person in todoist for the reoccurring the integration doesn’t know them as John say in

I feel like this is a relatively easy and expected thing when it comes to task management. Bad on my part but I just assumed based on how awesome Monday was already that these things would be easy.

My first week in Monday has been ROUGH to say the least because so much of it has been on reoccurring tasks and setting them up, trying different “recipes” but none fit the need.

Here’s to hoping they see this + fix it :slight_smile:


Hi @JohnMonte7!

First off, I’d like to open up with I appreciate you sharing your experience thus far and your specific feedback when it comes to both ToDoist and Recurring tasks. I agree with you that we could use a facelift here in regards to recurring tasks.

Additionally, our team is working on different ways users will be able to manage their automations within the automation store with the first step being transferring ownership of automations. Next steps we are exploring may include naming, ordering automations and ability to duplicate. Currently, there’s not a timeline for this but wanted to let you know what we are up to!

Again, we’ve taken your feedback into consideration and appreciate you sharing. Please continue to share other ways we can improve in this area whether in this thread or another topic! Cheers!


Thanks, Laura :slight_smile:

Cannot wait to see what you guys come up with.


Laura, Would love to be on a list of people who may help test out Reoccuring Tasks as soon as you guys have better solutions for us. From my perspective it seems like a massive missing piece of the puzzle. But the fact that it’s not even on a roadmap yet seems strange to me. Love .


Agreed @weblifestores

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