Accounting Cycles - Automation

I run a bookkeeping practice. For each client, we have a set list of tasks that reoccur on a periodic basis, i.e., every Tuesday, clear the bank feeds, reconcile bank accounts by 5th business day of each month, etc, on 10th Business day send out completed financial statements

I would like to have a board that lists all outstanding tasks, assigned to the staff responsible. I would also like these tasks to automatically reoccur. On the face, this seems like a very simple process, but I am having the worst time finding a task/project manager that can handle this. I’m hoping can help.

Here’s what I tried:

I created a board called “Worklist” and made a group called “Current Worklist Items”. I then created other groups in the same board based upon the time frame in which I want tasks to reoccur. For example, I have a group called “Weekly - Monday” in which I have created all tasks that I would like to reoccur each Monday.

I then set up the following automations

  1. Every week on Monday, duplicate “Weekly - Monday”
  2. When an item is created, move item to “Current Worklist Items”
  3. When an item is created, set Start Date to today
  4. When an item is created, set Due Date to creation date plus 5 days.

I thought that this would auto-recreate all my Monday items, and add them to the “Current - Worklist” with a start and end date. But it doesn’t. The items are duplicated, but they are placed in a NEW group called “Duplicate of Weekly - Monday”. It seems like the “duplicate” command does not trigger as an “item created,” meaning my other automations are not starting. I have thousands of tasks, so it doesn’t make sense to change #1 above to a series of “create item” automations. Not only would this far exceed the number of automations I’m allowed per month, it would also require me to find and edit the automation anytime something (like a task owner) needed to be updated.

This also does not take care of my business day issue…it seems I only have the option to push a due date out a set # of days, regardless of whether that date ends up on a weekend.

Curious whether anyone has ideas for a workaround, or has solved a similar issue? I’m currently in my trial period with this software, and I’m afraid if I can’t get these items resolved, I’m going to have to keep looking.

You would have to duplicate or create the individual items… does it need to be duplicated or could you use the same line like I assume this is a reoccurring task for say client A and a reoccurring task for client b So you could in a sense reset the task instead of re create it every Monday? Would that be suitable because you can just move the items between groups or use the dependency so when the due date is completed the dependency column pushes by 7 days etc

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