How to create recurring tasks custom functionality?

I am trying to create recurring tasks in a way that I have not figured out how to do.

I would like to create items with columns that somehow show the desired frequency of the task to be recurring.

Example 1

  • Task name: send monthly report
  • Frequency: monthly on the 15th

Example 2

  • Task name: send quarterly report
  • Frequency: quarterly on the 1st day of the quarter

Example 3

  • Task name: send annual report
  • Frequency: annually on Jan 15

Essentially, I would like to create a board of tasks and my desired frequency, and then I would like to automatically create tasks in a different board based on these tasks and their frequency.

Has anyone done this before, or does anyone have a recommended solution that may be slightly different and will solve my problem?



We’ve been inspired by all these comments about creating this feature and good news, we went and created the app! :rocket: We’ve just launched Recurring Tasks, which now allows you to create recurring/repeating tasks in your boards. It is currently in Beta so please download it, give it a try and we would love to know what you think. :smile: I’ll also be more than happy to directly feed it back to our team! If you want to book a chat with me directly, here’s my calendly: Calendly - Amalia Rubino Muñoz



We just released “Schedule Recurring Items” for, ultimate solution for effortless task scheduling.
I believe it fits your use case.

Give it a try for free HERE.


Hi @allannudelman we recently launched a new app “Schedule Recurring Tasks” just for these types of purposes. You can set exact date when you want your task to repeat each
month, year or quarter. Apart from that you can also set target group and status for the created item and also due date to x days post item creation date.

Please check it out here - Apps Marketplace

If you want to see the app in action first, checkout the demo here - Schedule Recurring Tasks | Demo