Subitem link use case

Hello everyone,

I would like to do the following use case in Monday but I can’t find how to do it :

  1. In board A I have subitems for contracts. When contract status is “update”, I created an automation to create an item in board B with same attributes.
  2. I would like somehow to connect item from board B to my subitem from board A, because I need to have a mirror column when something happens in board B, I can see the update in board A.

According to me I can use an automation (create item and connect it…) but it links back to the item and not subitem level ?

Do you have any ideas or suggestions ?

Thank you,


Hi Corentin!

At this time, you won’t be able to show a subitem in a regular item’s mirror column and connect boards column.

However, if you’d like some help figuring out a workaround, we’d love to hear more of your workflow so shoot us a message at We can figure this out together! :muscle: :blush:

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