Issue with Cross-board automations for subitems

So, I’ve got a subitem on a board.
I need to set automation so that when a certain status of the subitem changes a new item is created into another board and the two items are connected.
Monday already provides an automation like that, but it seems that the automation creates the new item and then it creates a new connection column, but it does so in the parent structure of the board, not in the subitem.
Am I missing something here?
Thank you!

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Hey @edoaber

You want the connection column to be created on the subitem or on the new item in the other board?

Hi @Fantasy-Media-Team! I want it to be created on the subitem.
Alternatively I’d like to create a connection column first on the subitem and then connect that one, but the automation wizzard tool does not give me that column as a choice…

@edoaber can we continue this over email? I’m available at

Do you need the items to stay in sync? Why do you need them connected after they’re created? Would a one time creation work?

I have the exact same issue - the Connect Boards-columns I create on the subitem level do not show up as options for the automations I plan to use.

Hey all,

Will try to share more context about subitem connection.

As of today in it’s not possible to connect a subitem to another subitem via a connected boards column. The reason is that subitems “behind the scenes” are actually another board which is not selectable via the boards picker.
This means that you can connect a subitem to an item but not an item to a subitem.

Hope that helps!

I’m actually trying to connect a new subitem with an item on another board. So it should be supported, if I understand what you wrote correctly.
The issue is about the automation.

Hi @edoaber , I’ve published an article that will guide you through that.

I hope this also helps @kasperhusted

Well that’s very cool! unfortunately for us you are proposing an, albeit very cool, very expensive app for our small business.
As we are already paying a great deal of money for a Monday subscription it would be great to have a working solution natively.

Thank you, but I would need this to work natively within monday, as I cant access third party apps for security reasons

it could be a setting with your firewall. We’ve encountered that with users.

No, I am literally not allowed to access third-party apps/integrations :slight_smile: