Connecting Boards and Bi-directional Linkage

I apologize if this is a question that has already been answered, but I’ve scoured the site and cannot seem to find a solution that works.

My team’s Monday setup is as follows:
Each team member has their own board for tracking their workflows. Currently, I occasionally drop items into specific team-member’s board as an assignment. However, this doesn’t give visibility to the rest of the team.

What I’d like to do is have a central Team board with the big, high visibility tasks, and that automatically creates an item in an individual’s board when they are assigned and that is automatically updated when they post comments or update the status of that item. I want updates to the item to flow both ways, and I also want the individuals to still be able to create and track smaller to-do tasks on their own board.

The first part of that is easy and well documented. The second part, however, is eluding me. I’ve connected the two boards (and even set up a bi-directional linkage, though I can find no documentation on what that actually does), but updates don’t flow after the initial item is assigned/created. I do know that I can use a Mirror column to accomplish this for the items that are shared, but this then requires duplicate columns in the individual’s board (one that is a mirror, and one that is not) if I want the individual to still be able to create their own boards that are not included in the Team board.

I feel like I’m beating my head against a wall, and that this really shouldn’t be that difficult but I simply cannot get this to work. I hope I’ve explained the situation concisely. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!!


To my knowledge, Monday doesn’t support this (update flows) because you’re not actually linking the boards with one task. You’re creating a duplicate task that has a link to the original. Two different tasks in two different boards that are named the same. It’s a cheap workaround and not helpful. We’re trying to do the same thing.

Gotcha - that’s a real bummer. If a task could be shared between two boards or have duplicate tasks that have fully bi-directional update flows (i.e. are completely identical), that would be stupendous.

I imagine there are some constraints around having the same task in multiple boards and how to approach to possibility of renaming/deleting columns. But this doesn’t seem insurmountable, provided the metadata contains ALL values and mapping between columns. There’s probably another workaround, but just a thought… Having this function would be hugely helpful.

Agreed. In Wrike you can tag a task into another project (board) and it appears in both places. Same task. Other project management systems also have figured out how to do this seamlessly. It’s disappointing that Monday hasn’t made improvements here and seems to keep innovating in the ‘duplicate task’ path rather than 1 task 2 boards.

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