Easy links between boards so that tasks "talk" to each other

I was just about to sign up for a paid account with monday when I realised that it doesn’t allow for easy linkage between boards. Without setting up mirror columns and automation, tasks do not “speak” to each other across boards. I have used other task management tools where the linked board/project is an additional column so that it’s super easy to set up and then update as you go.
This feature is a non-negotiable for my organisation.
Is it likely that this feature will be added any time soon?
I like all the other monday features and don’t want to invest in a different tool and then realise that monday has upgraded to include this feature.
Any information much appreciated.

Hi @AmyT !

Welcome to the community!

As a monday.com partner, I believe that there are a few ways to set up and easy link between items but it depends on the use case. Sometimes we can create items on Board B while in Board A or we can automatically match items using a unique identifier and an automation or we can manually choose items to match. It all depends on where it is initiated and where it is connecting.

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