"Linking" an item on a new board

Hey y’all,

The way we’d use Monday is that

  • each BOARD is a project
  • each GROUP is a user story
  • each ITEM is a task

When planning a sprint, I’d want to “copy” a task from a Group into a new BOARD called “Sprint 1” or whatever. I don’t want to move that Item because I still want to see it as part of the User Story and I want to see it’s values updated as the Sprint moves along.

Is it possible to “link” or “mirror” an item across multiple Boards?

Hey @ScottStephan, could you let me know a bit more about why you are looking to link or mirror across multiple boards in this instance? This isn’t supported at the moment but it is something our developers are working hard on and are hoping to release this year :slight_smile:

Have you checked out this automation? I’m also thinking it could be useful in your case to automate this process of mirroring from one board to the other:

Hey @TRB-monday.com,

So, in the way I described our project breakdown above we group all of our Tasks (Items) inside of their User Story (Groups) which belong to a Project (Board).

We’re an agency that works on many small projects simultaneously. As a result our sprint contains tasks from many different Projects (Boards). So I need some way to take a Task from a User Story and put it in the Sprint while still maintaining it’s relationship to it’s parent Story & Project.

This is pretty easily visible from the history, but I’m always looking for ways to reduce potential error.