Cross posting to a Sprint Board?

Hey y’all,

Trying to convince my org. to swap to Monday from Jira. What I’m trying to do is make sure our process maps to Monday as cleanly as possible. Here’s how we break it down:

“Boards” are Projects
“Groups” as User Stories
“Items” are Tasks
We track Milestones via Labels for charting purposes

Our process is that we post items from the Backlog (The Project Items) into a new Board called “SPRINT #”.

Is there a way to cross-post an item among multiple boards? I want an item to stay on it’s home Board so I can see it, but I also need to see it on the Sprint board. Is that possible?

Hey @Stephen, good question! At the moment it’s not possible to have the same item in multiple boards. That being said, have you tried mirroring relevant columns in the Sprint Board? That way you could see information from the Backlog in the Sprint Board. You could also try linking to the item you’ve already created.

Feel free to write in to if you have more questions about your specific workflow!

Mirroring is really helpful, I just hate that I can’t mirror the name of the item

The way we resolved this was to do have a “Sprint” Label column and the have a “Sprint Dashbord” that shows all the tasks with that Label. Works for us!

Hi Stephan,

Nice setup. We have a comparable setup in our agency developing webapps, apps, platforms and so on.

For each project we use

Board 1: Sprint backlog (SB)
Groups: Develop, Staging, Accept, Production
Items: Tasks

Board 2: Product backlog (PB)
Groups: Next up, New items, Backlog
Items: Tasks

Board 3: Epic and User Stories (EUS)
Groups: Themes
Items: Epics
Subitems: User Stories

Board 4: Sitelist / Sitemap board (SSB)
Groups: Webpages, Elements / components
Items: Pages or elements / components

Board 5: Product roadmap
Groups: Planning, Milestones, vacations etc
Items: Deadlines, Milestones, Meetings, vacations etc

Now we are using the Link to item column to link from our SP and PB to connect them to the items and Epics on the Sitelist and Epics and User Storie boards. This gives the tasks on our PB and SP an ‘category’ and with that sorting capabilities.

In our work process we have refinement sessions to prepare our upcoming sprint. The refinement is being done from our Epics and User Stories and Sitelist board on epics, user stories and components. With the feature Two-way linked with 'Link To Item' column (potential subtask solution) it would be doable to refine straight from the Epic board and the Sitelist adding the tasks straight into the PD board. This would be great, but untill that time we are working by creating first our epcis and elements, afterwards connecting the tasks from the PB.

What do you think? Will this setup work for you?

P.s. to limit the amount of boards we are considering combining the PB and the SP board into one. This could be done with the filters on the view switcher in the left corner of a board. Combining the boards has pros and cons, so not sure yet.