Link Tasks Across Multiple Boards

I would love to see a way that you could view/link a task into multiple boards. If I create a task on one board I can make it show up (via automations maybe) on another board.

With my team there are a lot of us and we do a lot of collabrative work with eachother. But we all have a lot of different tasks that a lot of different people create. currently we are basically all working out of one board we call “Team Tasks” The problem is that it has well over a hundred tasks in it (yes we use different groups) but it is still hard to navigate and remember what tasks you are assigned to.

So I want to be able to create a task in “Team Tasks” and build an automation that then creates and links that task to my personal board if I am assigned to it. Then if I change the status, write an update, or do anything else to change/update the task. Then all the other boards that have that task aslo get the new update. If I change the status to “waiting for review” on my personal board. The satus will aslo change on the “Team Tasks” board.

Hey @scloward,

If I am understanding correctly, this is achievable using our connect boards automation recipes as shown below:

You can continue adding the “create item in board and connect” as you see relevant. Once items are connected you can then utilise the mirror column to mirror associated columns across boards!

I’d love to hear if this is along the lines of what you’re looking for! If not, please feel free elaborate further :slight_smile:

@BiancaT this would work but ads a lot of complexity (and a lot of additional columns) to the board. This is a standard feature in Asana and would be awesome to have here in as well.

On the task level in Asana, you can tie it out to multiple boards which is very helpful for how teams actually process work.

A good example is with the email program. “Email A” is part of Campaign X. I want to see it on the campaign project board as part of the wholistic set of activities going on to support the campaign, but would also like to see it on our separate email calendar where the email team focuses their strategy.

Not all tasks from one board should be on another board. We need the ability to add a single task to another board, and any actions taken on the task from any board need to be reflected across all boards it is attached to. Asana has this! Not having this is causing a lot of headaches. This would allow us to optimize how we set up and share boards, and reduce duplicate work. It’s a small but mighty feature.
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