Can a task be duplicated to live on multiple boards at once?

My team is starting to use but we’ve hit a bit of a snag. We seem to need tasks to appear on multiple boards.

For instance, we have a task that is “call X board member about our fall conference”. I think it should go on our “Conference Planning” board but another colleague believes it should go in the “Board Communications” board. Is there a way to duplicate the task so that it lives in both places?

I see there is a function to mirror columns but that isn’t what I mean. I mean is there a way for the task to appear in two boards and then when the status gets updated on one board it is reflected in another board?

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Hey @sarah_krauss, thanks for posting!

Unfortunately, there is no way to have tasks “live” on multiple boards. If you duplicated a task, it would have the same information, but would not be linked to the original task and would not autoupdate based on changes made to the original task.

Besides the mirror column, another option might be using a table widget in a dashboard, which would reflect all of an item (not just individual columns like the status column).

Typically in cases like this we would suggest the mirror column ( The Mirror Column).