Same item on multiple boards

Need a way for the same item to live on multiple boards, with the changes made in one place (be it notes, status changes, date changes, files uploaded to the info box, etc.) reflecting in the other board. I can’t figure out how to do this.

Hey Mike!

This is possible using our connect boards and mirror column. Had you explored these columns as an option? :smiling_face:

Yes, I have, and that’s not what I’m looking for.

Understood! So you’d essentially like to create dynamic items across boards?

I am not sure what you mean by dynamic items. Let’s say we have one dashboard that is for a project. And another dashboard that is for weekly tasks. So the week I’m working on something for the project, those items would be on the offices’ weekly tasks dashboard.

Right now, you basically have to duplicate the items on both dashboards, typing them all in again, etc., etc. And then designate their status once complete in both places. I’d just like to be able to do it once and it reflect on both dashboards.


Yes - agree with Mike - would love to see this feature


@BiancaT I totally agree with @MikeCarrels! I’ve been looking for something similar for so long but the connect boards and mirror columns just aren’t enough.
Think about alias folders in the Finder, that would just be perfect!


Dear Monday team, don’t over-complicate it.
The item just need to be inter-connected so that if one thing changes on one board, the changes reflect on that same item that appears in a different board.
It should be one item that has 2 or more pointers to it, so it can appear on multiple boards.
Another way to think about it is like an alias of a file.


I need this function. I have been searching this function for a long time but have not found the solution

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Hey Brian - we developed an app that does exactly that! check this out: Apps Marketplace

Hey Ishay, we have developed an app for this - check this out! Apps Marketplace

@MikeCarrels @LouiseS @ClarissaBo - we developed an app that allows you to have the same item on multiple boards. check it out: Apps Marketplace

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I work in a very wide complex organisation that already adopted Enterprise. This feature is very much needed to be able to work efficiently across boards and without duplicating the effort of keeping manual updated (time consuming + risky)

Hopefully the Product Team takes this as a priority!


Could there please be a discovery session to understand this request. I have the same issue. This is a critical need for the overall intended use.

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Hey Tarki, have you tried using the app “same item multiple board”? Apps Marketplace

Try using this app: Apps Marketplace

we also offer 1-on-1 demo sessions to help you setup the app and make sure it fits your workflows

This doesn’t work for my needs, essentially I need to be able to use a general date column that is a part of task based project board, that can allow for using an “intersection” of data (X&Y coordinate on the board, also the ability to map across templates), to be rolled up to the overview board as a column (various columns that are pertinent to phases in the process and management) and the rows are the projects. The Roll Up App, but I don’t feel that this functionality is something that I should have to pay a third party vendor to use.

In that case, I think the VLOOKUP app is a good fit. I don’t think this feature is available with the native features

Yeah this would be really useful to have. I’m disappointed not to see this feature given Asana has it and makes it easy.


I also need this feature if it still does not exist.