Mirroring/Having the same item appear in two different boards

I’m new to Monday, and trying to convince my business to switch from Trello entirely. There are two functions that I can’t believe Trello doesn’t have without expensive add ons, and I have to assume a premium subscription to Monday would support this. I have two questions:

  1. Is there a way to mirror entire items? Let me describe my use case: I’m attempting to set up a project “template” so that whenever we receive a new project, we can duplicate the template board, along with all of the task already on the template board, and begin working from it. I would assume this is a relatively popular strategy. Anyway, my company would want to have a “Hot items” board for the project manager and all of the teammates to be able to view at a glance. Through automation, i’ve figured out how to basically duplicate an item and add it to a “hot items” board if I switch the item to a certain priority, but if i do any editing to the item in the “hot items” board, it does not reflect the changes in the actual project board. Is there a function to make this happen?

  2. Is there a way to automatically populate a name of an item/task based off of the name of the board that it is in? Use case: I copy my standard project template and name the new board “TEXAS PROJECT.” I have a standard task in every single project board named “Get proposals.” If the “get proposals” item gets moved to a HOT ITEMS board, is there a way to automatically distinguish which project the GET PROPOSALS item goes to in the hot items board?

I’d really appreciate help on these two questions. Thanks.

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“Link to an item” may get you to 90% of what you are looking for in question 1.

Origin board

  • Create item 1

Destination board:

  • Add column “Link to an item”
  • Turn off “allow multiple items”
  • Select item to link
  • Whenever item 1 in origin board is updated, see all updates in destination board

The only flaw, is that you can only link it as a column. Which mean it’s not really a duplicate of the item. This flaw made it unusable for my use case, but for you, it might be what you are looking to do.


I am trying to create a overall tasks board through automation. Can’t quite believe this is not there already though, as the My Week function really should cover this.

Have tried with the create item in new board, which creates the item in my all tasks board, but cannot edit it automatically, so if it is ticked as done, it does not edit in the overall board.

But if I have to link every item to every item in the overall board, this really negates the whole point of it.

Bottom line, everyone wants an ‘all my tasks board’ which is automatically updated, and given what I am now paying for Monday, I really though that would be an obvious feature. Could you guys at Monday look at this again?

Hey @Colton19, good questions! In addition to using the link to item column for this, you could also @mention the name of the item in one board in the updates section of an item in another board. This will give a clickable reference to the first item at any time.

I also wonder if you’ve thought about making ‘Hot Items’ a dashboard rather than a board. You could filter by the status or tag ‘hot items’, and then the table widget in a dashboard would combine all the items across boards with this status. It is updated automatically.

Regarding your second question, have you thought about using a status column in conjunction with automations for this? I’m wondering also what your projects look like—are they always boards, or are they represented by groups and items as well?

@CathyOwens, to have an ‘all my tasks’ board, has your team already tried using the table widget and filtering by themselves? I would recommend adding this to the feature requests section of the monday.com community if you haven’t already :slight_smile: https://community.monday.com/c/feature-requests