Mirroring/Having the same item appear in two different boards

I’m new to Monday, and trying to convince my business to switch from Trello entirely. There are two functions that I can’t believe Trello doesn’t have without expensive add ons, and I have to assume a premium subscription to Monday would support this. I have two questions:

  1. Is there a way to mirror entire items? Let me describe my use case: I’m attempting to set up a project “template” so that whenever we receive a new project, we can duplicate the template board, along with all of the task already on the template board, and begin working from it. I would assume this is a relatively popular strategy. Anyway, my company would want to have a “Hot items” board for the project manager and all of the teammates to be able to view at a glance. Through automation, i’ve figured out how to basically duplicate an item and add it to a “hot items” board if I switch the item to a certain priority, but if i do any editing to the item in the “hot items” board, it does not reflect the changes in the actual project board. Is there a function to make this happen?

  2. Is there a way to automatically populate a name of an item/task based off of the name of the board that it is in? Use case: I copy my standard project template and name the new board “TEXAS PROJECT.” I have a standard task in every single project board named “Get proposals.” If the “get proposals” item gets moved to a HOT ITEMS board, is there a way to automatically distinguish which project the GET PROPOSALS item goes to in the hot items board?

I’d really appreciate help on these two questions. Thanks.

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“Link to an item” may get you to 90% of what you are looking for in question 1.

Origin board

  • Create item 1

Destination board:

  • Add column “Link to an item”
  • Turn off “allow multiple items”
  • Select item to link
  • Whenever item 1 in origin board is updated, see all updates in destination board

The only flaw, is that you can only link it as a column. Which mean it’s not really a duplicate of the item. This flaw made it unusable for my use case, but for you, it might be what you are looking to do.