Create a new item and instantly duplicate and mirror it in a new board

Hi All.

When a new item is created in board#1, I’d like to duplicate this item into board#2 and AUTOMATICALLY link and mirror it to the same columns in board#1.

So subsequently as fields are filled in board #1 these will update in board #2 also

I have tried the Column Mirror function but as far as I can see, this requires a manual link to be created.

Any ideas?

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Hi @leeH! Thanks for joining the community :slight_smile:

We do have an automation to create an item in one board when an item is created in another board and link them together automatically:

I will say this automation works best when paired with a form so that the item is created with all of the details already filled in. Whenever you manually add a new item, the item is technically created whenever you enter the name and click add or hit enter. This means that the automation would trigger with just the item name and not pull in the other details for the new item in your other board.

With that being said, I would recommend using one of the other similar automations available that would be based on a different action trigger:

All of these automations will automatically add in a link between your items using the Link to Item column. I also recorded a short video to show you how you can use this paired with a Mirror Column to automatically fill in the mirrored data as well:

Using the Mirror Column with a Link to Item Automation

Let me know what you think!

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Hello, I’m trying to do something similar but can’t seem to figure this out. This particular automation seems like it would already be available on but I cannot find anything that relates to it. When trying to create my own automation, it doesn’t seem to be working there as I want either so scrapped the task altogether.

Simply put, when I create a new item in board #1 under a specific group (again, when an item is created under one SPECIFIC group within a board that may have many different groups set up), I want that item name/description duplicated in another board under a different group.

The only thing I’ve found I can do is close but not what I’m looking for. A new item is indeed created under another board, however it defaults to “New Item”.

Additionally, this is happening for EVERY new item created in the board which I don’t want. I only want a duplicate creation ONLY if a new item is created under a specific group.

Hope this makes sense and is something someone can assist me with.

Thank you!

Hey @Jonna,

Something exactly like what you’re looking for isn’t available on at the moment—can you elaborate on why you’re looking to have this sequence of actions? Why would it improve your workflow concretely?

I’d love to see if I can make some alternative suggestions to you! One that comes to mind is that you could have a status label per group, and use that to trigger the create item automation. That way, the item with identical details is created in the other board if you have an item in a specific group, which has a specific status label. What do you think?

Looking forward to learning more!

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I’m looking for what I believe is the same as @Joanna described and can give you a use case.

I work as in house CRO in a large company, we work with a centralised experimentation model, or in other words, we get ideas or things we need to AB test from the whole organisation for our central team to work on them (and they follow a process with different statuses like idea, research, prioritisation, planning, etc so the items have a quite long lifetime).

All our different teams are working in particular Monday boards with their own tasks on each, and that includes AB test tasks at different stages for say devs, designer, etc, but at the end of the day all the AB tests generated from different teams should be mirrored into a board where we can have a good overview on all new ideas for AB testing and their progress too. Otherwise we’d need to go through many boards filtering out items (AB tests) and updating them as we work with them, but always scattered.

We could agree with generating them from the same form and populating particular boards, but we need them in different boards, different groups and updated two-way as we update them anywhere (the update would happen from different team members in different teams working on their own board, and again, it is an item that contains around 15 fields and it gets many updates on them all throughout the item’s lifetime).

Makes sense?

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I have the same issue. I want to have a form add new entries into my CRM. I would like it to only duplicate from the group that the forms adds to the sales pipeline board mirroring some of the information. Currently I cant tell the automation to exclude any new items not created in the group connected to my form. So every new item creates a new deal item in my pipeline that I have to delete.

Edit: want to add the automation would read something like this.
When an item is created in this board GROUP, create an ITEM in BOARD and link them using FIELD in this board.

This would exclude any new item created outside of that defined group which is connected to my form I want to use.

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