Connect/Mirror Boards to single item on Master Board

Is it possible to have a single board connected to a single item on a master board with mirroring that displays total board task progress?
For example:
On the master board, I’m tracking multiple projects in a specified group and would like to connect each project board to the single item tracked on the master.

  • Item 1 connects to the the Item 1 board, item 2 connects to the item 2 board, etc.

I’m looking to also have an overall progress update on the master board item that reflects the status of all items on the connected board.

  • Item 1 on master board shows cumulative status of all items on item 1 board. Repeat for item 2, 3, etc.

Hi @JCz , Joe

Welcome to the community. You can build this using connected boards and mirror columns. However there are still bits and pieces that are missing (in my opinion). Let’s call the boards you want to connect to project boards. You have to select each item in each project board manually in the connect boards column in you master. Because of this we created an app that takes a different approach. I think it is worthwhile to give it a try. The app can be found here Apps Marketplace. If you have any detail question feel free to ask.

Thank you for the response, but I’ve done the connected boards and mirror columns. The issue I see is that once you select a board and mirror columns, all items on that main board are locked into that selection. I’m looking to have a single item connected to another board so I can have a second item, in the same group, connected to a second board.
I’m trying to build a high level view board that displays projects on other boards as a single item with the connection and mirroring.

hi @JCz, Joe

If you are looking for one item in a master board that represents a detail board you need to aggregate the values from the detail board (like sum, max, min, avg) for numbers, % state (e.g. % Done) for status columns, earliest start to latest end for timeline columns etc. The Rollup Multiple Boards app takes exactly that approach.