Mirroring Individual Items into Individual columns on the high level page with one connection.

Low level boards i have groups “Planning, Execution, QC” and in those groups i have tasks (items). Each item has sub items of things that need to be completed for the item to be complete.

in Execution i have a task as “Site Work” and the sub items of “Site Work” are “lot clearing, FillDirt/Excavation/Lot Grading and Compaction”

thats one of 17 tasks in the Execution group, all with their respective sub items.

Now when i go to mirror this to my high level page, i select connect boards, and i will pick one task “site work” and then i can click in the mirror column " sub item status" and itll give me a break down of my site work by tasks completed 3/3 and be green or yellow or red or grey.

now i want to do the next task, i have to create a whole new connection, and select my next task down and then mirror just that task.

id rather be able to connect it once, and on each individual mirror select each task individually on one connection. so i can have my task status’s in order across the project on my high level page.

ive made it work by making 17 different connections, individually selecting all of the tasks and mirroring them, and then hiding the connection columns. but it would be way easier to not do that because each time i make a new project i have to manually connect 17 different connections.