Multi-Board Mirror

We need an ETA for this.


Yes, do you have an ETA of when this feature will be available?


Greetings, is there any updated ETA on this feature? Mirroring the columns for multiple boards is a must. Thx.

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I can only second this.
As I now noticed that its not possible to link to multiple boards this seems to be falling of the radar.
Would be very handy for a few usecases of my clients…

Hi, we also need this.

Any updates on this?

Hi @Mitchellcue - This is in limited alpha testing right now with a handful of clients. Some of our clients are on the waiting list and we’re eagerly awaiting when we can test it out and help train our customers on it.

Do you have a connection to an official monday partner? If so, they can advocate on your behalf to try to get this feature earlier (or at least try).


Great news! We’ve been releasing this feature over the past month and I’d love to make sure it’s available for you. Can you share your account URL with me so that I can double-check and add the feature if it’s not already added?


I am really excited to discover this feature. Our URL is:

We and many of our clients have been using this for a while now, it works great! One thing to be aware of, however, is that the new update to the Automations that let you trigger from a Mirrored Status change will NOT fully work yet with a multi-mirrored scenario. The Automation will only trigger off values from the first board you linked and mirrored, not any of the others boards. It’s a tricky one, because if you set it up and test but happen to test with a mirrored value from the first board you linked, you’ll think it works just fine. So be aware these two don’t play nicely together, at least not yet.

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Thank you @AronK, my company’s URL is

Thank you for making this feature available!

Hello @AronK,

Would it be possible to add the feature to please?

Thank you!

@Mitchellcue + @FNL Done! Please refresh and add a new connect boards + mirror column(s) where needed and let me know if you run into any issues :slight_smile:

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@Kerstin added! Upon refresh, please try adding a new connect boards column and mirror column(s) and let me know if you run into any issues.

Thanks @AronK - can you please add the feature to our account:
Thank you!

All set, @jaredt !

Upon refresh, please add a new connect boards column and mirror column(s) and let me know if you run into any issues.

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Hi @AronK - can you please enable this feature on

This client of ours has been patiently waiting and is running out of patience haha!! Anything you could do is appreciated.

All set @mark.anley :slight_smile:

Please have your client refresh, add a new connect boards column and mirror column(s) and let me know if you run into any issues!

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Amazing! Thanks @AronK . One question - does the multi-board mirroring support subitem summary columns?

You’re quite welcome :slight_smile:

I’ve just tested this out and do see that the mirror column is supported! Just to confirm, Is this what you are referring to?

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