Guests unable to view mirrored columns?

Good afternoon,

We are working on a project and wanting to produce a case study. I have made a board to demonstrate key stake holders which is pulling from a “Core” list of stakeholders (using the mirror function)

The board in quesiton;

As you can see, no columns are visible. However, when I share the core list, all names and details are visible.

Please can someone tell me how to show this information using the mirror function? Not using it would make a lot of duplication of work across various projects.

Thank you.


hey @CharlieMarsh - At this time mirror columns on a board would not be part of that shared view.

Are you looking to share a view from mirror columns? Or are you just looking to share a information from a board?

If the latter what about creating a customize view on the board that has the data that you want to share and then broadcast it (filtering boards)?

Hi @bradley. Is this something that is being looked into implementing? Defeats the purpose of mirrored columns if guests cannot see them.

As explained, I have a main board “Key Stakeholders”, and I use that to feed other boards for project specific stakeholders without having to duplicate work. Quite disappointing that a simple feature of guests being able to view everything on that board isn’t enabled. The organisation I want to give access to are from a different email, so setting them up as a “View Only” member is out of the question. Thank you anyway.


This is not being worked on since columns that are needed to be shared would live on the board that would be shared.

What you can do is have the board that needs to be shared with all these columns. You would then create your own board (main or private) to mirror those columns to your board and then add the columns that you should only see.

Let me know what you think.