Mirror Column- Private to Shareable

I have a private board with a ton of data, and then I have a shareable board for the same project that my customer will be using that is for a broad view, not down to the specifics. I set it up so one point of data is mirrored from my private board onto the shareable board. Yet they can not see it since it comes from a Private board. The only current work around is making both shareable but restricting view of the private board so that only the mirrored column can be seen.

While I am okay filtering through their Boards and my own, I do not wish for my customers to have to deal with the clutter that is my boards.

Please allow data to be mirrored from private to shareable boards. This will be a major help to myself.

Hey @Avery!

You are able to mirror information from private to shareable boards, however data will only be visible to users who have access to both boards.

The issue here is that these clients - which I am assuming are guests - are only supported in shareable boards - as such, they’re restricted from the data in the private board which means any data mirrored into shareable board will be restricted from the clients - this is simply to uphold the security and privacy of the data in the private board. If you’re happy for your clients to access the information in your private board, I’d recommend changing the private board to a shareable board and inviting the guests into that board.

I understand that, was hoping to have a better work around so they don’t have to see all the other data without having to restrict all the columns I do not wish for them to see.


For many situations, Column Magic’s copy mirror column function can help by copying protected columns to unprotected columns.

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This sounds perfect, but I can’t seem to be able to copy Formula’s. Unless I am missing something.


You are correct. It does not copy formula columns.

Then sadly it can’t help me. Thank you for suggesting it still.

I have the same problem, I have tried in all possible ways and there is no case. It seems to me that the only alternative Monday offers is to pay for an Enterprise plan, which has a minimum of 10 users as a requirement. Apparently, in that plan it is possible to restrict the view of the items only to those who are assigned to the item in the person column.

This is exactly what we need, too.
It would be also very helpful if our customers could change status / edit text field to give feedback on elements - without giving them access to the underlying private boards.


I did a work around for this issue by mirroring their board over to my private board. Then I created a tab called Customer Updates where their mirrored status was next to mine, and so on and so forth with everything I wanted copied over. Here I can update all their important info quickly.

This way, the guests can still change things in your board you share with your customers. It is manual work but it sure beats what I was attempting before.

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Nice workaround and I think this should solve some of my problems too. But in the end, there should be set up an official way from Monday for the problem.
This kind of rights management is so essential in my point of view and would enable so much possibilities for everybodys customer management so I really dont understand why it is still not solved Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 and so on, and so on


Has this been solved? I too need this ability. Basically, our client needs to see only certain column information and absolute no updates. They also need the ability to export to excel (which is why Broadcasts aren’t the best option).

If we could create a shareable client board and mirror the relevant columns to it from a private board that would answer all of my problems.

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Same issue. While I understand the effort to maintain privacy of data, it seems intuitive enough that while you may want to keep a board private, mirroring a column from that private board should act as a way to “share” that information with users that don’t have access to the private board. Or at least a way to adjust the settings on a column to share that column that’s being mirrored.

We have an employee onboarding board that is private, but I would like to share the staff position title and birthday with our shared directory board, that way when there is a position change, I just have one point of reference to update and everything stays current.

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