Can I mirror columns from a private board to a shareable board?

Hi all, I need help. I need to reflect some data from a private board (shared only among few key people due to sensitivity of the data) to a shareable board as there are certain data in the private board that I don’t want the shareable board users to be able to see. ’

Currently the users in shareable board can’t see all the mirrored columns because they are not subscribed to the main private board where the source of the data is from.

I read another post on here back in March 2020 that we need to subscribe the users to both boards in order for them to see the mirrored columns. Has there been a change or do I still need to subscribe the users to all boards?

Wish there is a workaround on this.

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I have had to do something similar. Not an easy thing to do.

The best way really is to build their board first and then build your private board and mirror the information they need to see onto your board.

The other way is to also share your board with them, but restrict the column view for the columns you don’t want them to see.

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Hi, @Qishere & @tegan.owen - There is another way to handle this. You can use the new VLookup app to push data from your private board selectively to the shared board, without giving people access to the source data. You can find the app here in the Marketplace - Apps Marketplace

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