Shared Board With Connected or Mirrored Columns Not Showing The Connected Or Mirrored Columns

I have a board that contains connected and mirrored columns. This board, when I either embed it, or share it, is not showing any of the connected or mirrored columns. Is the board supposed to work like that, or is this a bug?

I’m trying to take an internal board, and mirror some of the groups in a different client facing board. So, internally, when we mark something as done, then the client facing board, available on the share link, should update the status as done. But, the issue is above, that none of the connected or mirrored columns are showing in the share link.

How do I accomplish sharing bits of client facing info from a connected board, in a completely new board?

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Hey @Brillmedia, thanks for posting, and welcome to the community!

What you are describing is expected behavior. People will only be able to see connected or mirrored columns only if they are able to see the original board in which those columns exist.

What would you think of filtering the existing internal board (and hiding any irrelevant columns), saving as a new view, and then sharing? That way only the client information that you want would be shared:

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Hi @BrillMedia,
I think our app “Columns Auto-link” might help you achieve what you are trying to do.
We are about to release our app to the marketplace but until then, you can try it using this link.

Please let me know if this is helpful.

Not having mirrored columns share in this instance, and in general rather defeats the purpose. I understand how Monday is envisioning this, but if you are creating one board that has the master info, and then mirroring pieces of that on other boards, it should show up on those boards - without a user having access to the master.

For example. I have a head shot and bio for each person on our talent file board. We have the open bookings on another board. After connecting the two, we are able to select the person’s name from their talent file and have the headshot and bio mirrored on the open bookings board.

There is too much info to combine the boards and filter/set permissions for a view, which is what you suggest in the user case. Your competitors offer this feature which is why Monday users are asking for it.


This would be a very helpful feature for us as well. I was attempting to mirror pieces of data to high level boards and was unable to get the data to populate as expected. I am also very new to so I am still searching for a solution to this.

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I have the same issue here… indeed master table(s) and collected info in sharable view…
only as per design the mirrored columns not visible…
would be a great feature allowing the administrator to switch between ultra protected sharing ( no mirrored fields) and visible mirrored fields in public view.
keep up the good work.


I also ran into this problem. I want to share some columns from our master board, but the option of filtering our master board into a new shareable view isn’t viable in context of the below warning. It contains too much sensitive data.


So I created a new board and set up the mirror columns, which (it turns out) cannot be shared.

Surely this is the better alternative since itself warns agains sharing a filtered master board? Please advise.

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Hey @BrillMedia :wave:

As mentioned by a team member earlier, we do not currently have the capabilities to support this due to how it would conflict with our Permissions between boards: Shared Board With Connected or Mirrored Columns Not Showing The Connected Or Mirrored Columns - #2 by

However, I wanted to point out that we have a feature feedback post that you all can vote on to show your support for adding this capability to the platform!: More functionality for the broadcast view - #3 by Creative_Mamm_Al

@Nir-Jetpack @kpatped @LHebard @Johnvandermeersch @Mons

Feel free to add your support to the feature feedback post above :slight_smile:

Correct link to post in question: More functionality for the broadcast view - #19 by Orhan

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I’d like to know how unsafe it is to share a filtered view as suggested; how easy is it for a “technically savvy” user to read (and write into?) hidden columns on the master board?

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