Shared Board With Connected or Mirrored Columns Not Showing The Connected Or Mirrored Columns

I have a board that contains connected and mirrored columns. This board, when I either embed it, or share it, is not showing any of the connected or mirrored columns. Is the board supposed to work like that, or is this a bug?

I’m trying to take an internal board, and mirror some of the groups in a different client facing board. So, internally, when we mark something as done, then the client facing board, available on the share link, should update the status as done. But, the issue is above, that none of the connected or mirrored columns are showing in the share link.

How do I accomplish sharing bits of client facing info from a connected board, in a completely new board?

Thanks for your help

Hey @Brillmedia, thanks for posting, and welcome to the community!

What you are describing is expected behavior. People will only be able to see connected or mirrored columns only if they are able to see the original board in which those columns exist.

What would you think of filtering the existing internal board (and hiding any irrelevant columns), saving as a new view, and then sharing? That way only the client information that you want would be shared:

Hi @BrillMedia,
I think our app “Columns Auto-link” might help you achieve what you are trying to do.
We are about to release our app to the marketplace but until then, you can try it using this link.

Please let me know if this is helpful.