Board Permissions, Columns Disappeared


I am the creator and owner of all boards within my workspace. I created a template for my co-workers to duplicate for their workspaces. It worked just fine last week, but now I have missing mirrored columns. I have checked my permissions, which are fine and the permissions of each column. Nothing is hidden or private, as well as my board is a main board. I have the lock up top stating I don’t have permission to see my mirrored columns and to request. I’m not sure what is going on, never had this issue before, but is there a way to fix this?

Hey Melissa! Just to clarify, the template you’ve created for your co-workers includes connect boards and mirrored columns - correct? Now when accessing the template from the templates store or simply navigating to the board (since saving it as a template), you’re unable to view those mirrored/connect boards columns? Are you able to access those connected boards individually, and view the native data that’s being mirrored into the template board?

Hi Bianca,

Actually I just created the board in my workspace as a template for people to duplicate and move to their workspace. They just go to the linked columns and click their own links. BUT I did create this same exact board into someone else’s workspace from scratch, no duplicating (both of us as owners) and she is having the same issue. Can’t see the columns. Every other board I have created in my workspace I can see those linked columns.

Hm… would you be able to share a screenshot of the issue/error message when attempting to access the columns? This will just give me some visual context and help me better understand what might be happening. As long as all members have access to the boards and columns that are linked, the data should appear in the linked columns.

Hi Bianca,

Here is a screenshot of what I can’t see anymore.


Thanks for sharing this screenshot! Can you confirm (and test) that you have permission to access each connected board? I understand you created this board, but just incase, if you can ensure you’re able to natively access each board, then this will rule out an accessibility issue. Similarly, if you do have access to each board, please ensure that you have access to each column being mirrored :pray: