Connect boards column disappears

I’ve set up a board with a connect boards column and 1 mirror column.
When my colleague edits this column (i.e. connects items to her boards), the entire connect board column disappears incl. the mirrored column. Is this a bug or should only 1 person edit the connect boards column to prevent this? Or could it be the cause be that i’m no member of her boards therefore creating a bug?

Any ideas/help is very welcome!

Hi there!

So if the boards that you are connecting to are Sharable or Private that could be an issue that you are not subscribed to them!

Another thing to consider is how you created the column. There is a little bug in If you create a connect boards column through an automation (meaning you’re letting the recipe create the columns) and you only chose to connect 1 board instead of both that is a reason you could not be seeing the connect boards column. Another reason is that If you create it manually through the board, if you don’t choose connect a two-way sync that also will not create a connect board column on each board.

Let me know if that helps!

Hi! Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile: It had to do with the fact that my colleague connected them to Sharable boards, so issue is resolved. Thanks!

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