Template not available for everyone?

So, I created a board Template as an Admin, so there would be mandatory columns for every board. However, it cannot be seen by anyone except me. What am I missing?

Hey Gerald,

There are a couple of reasons why this might be happening.

1) Are there any column permissions set in the board that are restricting the view for other team members?

2) Are these connected or mirrored columns? If so, does the team have access to the origin board? I ask this, as in order for team members to view mirrored or connected data, they must have access and permission to view the data in the origin board.

Let me know how you go and we can move forward accordingly :slight_smile:

OK . . . I found out why:

I had moved the template from the Main page. I didn’t want Members to be able to see it. I didn’t think that would inhibit it from being used as a template. That doesn’t make sense . . .

Question: Why is a “Template” showing up as a board? It should be a “template” and not seen as a board itself. Even though Members can’t edit it, it is confusing.

I see that the board can be “duplicated”. What’s the difference between duplicating a board an building one from a template?

Hey Gerald,

Thanks for getting back to me and providing me with some insight.

When you mention moving the template from the main page, can you confirm what you mean here? Did you create the template in a private or closed workspace? If you created the template in a workspace that is only accessible to a specific pool of users (closed), then that template will retain the same security and privacy standards, as such, it will only be accessible to those within the workspace. Apologies if this isn’t clear - please let me know!

A template is a board that you can save to the dedicated templates centre. The template board can then be accessed by all users, as long as the workspace the board was templated in, is an open workspace.

When duplicating a board, this simply creates a single copy of the board without saving it or duplicating it to the templates center - meaning users would need to constantly duplicate the board if it’s needed as a template across different teams/departments/workspaces etc…

There are also permissions and ownership differences, which you can find in the dedicated resources below:

This is confusing . . .

The Template was created on the Main Workspace as an open Board.

But I don’t want users to be able to see the template as a Board, so I moved it to a closed board. When I do that nobody can see the template in “Templates”. Why? A template should be a template, no matter where it is located.

If a board is saved as a “template”, it should not show up as a Board in the workspace. It should only be a “template”. Users seeing it as a Board will try to edit it and duplicate it. If they duplicate it, then they will have to move it to their Workspace. If it was just a template, it would be less confusing.

Is there a way to have a template that everyone can see, but not see it as a board?

Sorry that this is causing confusion Gerald - I will happy take this feedback on board :pray:

I understand where you’re coming from here. To clarify, only main boards can be saved as a template, which explains why the board was inaccessible when you adjusted the board type to a private board.

In regard to the templates, I do hear what you’re saying. That being said, the purpose of saving a board as a template is so that other users can access/edit the board template as they see fit once it’s added from the templates centre. When users access the board template from the templates centre, this has no impact on the template itself - it remains a template in the templates store. Once that template is chosen and saved to their workspace/folder/etc, the template then becomes an editable board that they can build off (again, no impact on the template) - this is how the feature works within the platform.

If I am understanding correctly, would you instead prefer that users can view the template within the templates centre however not then utilise that template for their own use?

Thanks for your help in understanding this!

In my simple-minded brain, a Template should be available for everyone to use. However, it should not be accessible as a Board.

There should be a “Template” or a “Duplicatable Board”, but not both.

Once a Board is saved as a template, it should be removed as a Board.

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That is definitely fair enough Gerald. As mentioned this is valuable feedback that I have shared with the relevant team internally. Please feel free to pass on any further comments!