Board Template without making board public?

Using automation, I need to create a board after a status changes but I see that if a board is to be a template the board must be visible to everyone? that makes no sense at all.

All of my boards are unique and only some users can see them. Like any company

Is there any way at all to do this automation using a workaround? I need the board to be created when a status changes but the board essentially needs to be a template with all of the items and columns.

Hi @dfurt - as you mentioned, template boards must be of type “main” that are viewable to all. You can set the boards created from the automation to be set as private automatically.

As a possible workaround, you could restrict visibility to the columns via column permissions however the name column is still visible.

If you have enterprise licensing you could set the rows to be hidden as well within the template so it would basically show as an empty board.

Utilizing outside tools such as Integromat could be possible but it would be a bit of a convoluted process to manage.

Possibly someone else here has some good ideas :slight_smile:

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Great idea to restrict the columns. I can make it invisible that way

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