Making a Board Template

It seems strange that I need to change the permission on a board to to allow all users to edit everything in order to save the board as a template, when I’m the owner of the board.

@dmenaker What’s your use case?

Do you need that board to be a template to be shared? Or do you need that permission to be part of the template?

I want to use the board as a template. I just think it’s weird that I need to allow all users edit access when I, the board owner, want to make a template. I don’t want to give all users edit access to the board, ever, if I can avoid it.

I have the exact same question. Why can’t we turn a private board into a template?

Hey everyone! This setting is enabled due to the fact that templates can be seen by everyone in the account - what we recommend, is to keep your template board blank (meaning just the structure and/or items) and then every time you create a board from the template create it as a private board.

Does this work for you?