"save as template" for main boards

Newbie here - Do you know why “save as template” not allowed even for main boards? I tried for main board as it says in the message and still does not work. It does not work for any other users at my company.

hi @ranger

Welcome to the community. Have you checked your board permissions? This should be set to “Edit everything” before you are bale to save a board as template.

Hi @basdebruin Yes it is set to “Edit Everything” but this board is a private board. Is “save as template” available for main board(I assume this is public type of a board) only? I use board with some specific features and wanted to share the template with team member so they can jumpstart with their monday.com app.

Only main boards with permissions set to edit everything can be saved as templates. Main boards are accessible by all members of the account (no guests). When you create a board out of an account template you can at that point still decide if you want to create a main, private or shareable board.

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