Templates that Only Admins Can Use

Hi Monday Team!

First let me say - We love (and should be using) Templates! We struggle with the use of templates for a few reasons:

Please note that we let users create their own boards, and need to keep that functionality open to encourage creative adoption of monday.

  1. Because Templates are forced into being made public boards, we cannot limit their use to admins, and struggle with the all access to them. We’d like admins only (or better yet, specific people) to have access to use a template, because there are things they need to do to update settings, formulas and automations, specific to the project. Not all are trained on this, that would be too much. Yet - because they can access the template and use it - they can set up boards for standard type projects without assistance - which at a glance look fine, but have underlying automation, formula, and other issues. Without any real back-end audit reporting, we’d find this by chance, and we really should just be able to keep them out of what we want them out of.
  2. We can’t hide public boards from subscriber only accounts? We won’t be able to utilize client access (which is a great perk), unless we can hide boards they should not see. By making templates main boards, clients could see them, and we don’t want any part of that.

Current workaround is to have templates be shareable or private boards (not templates) and use copy functionality, but it does seem that this is a small thing that could improve and give us the option to share templates with the internal team (on some simple type boards), and yet keep clients from seeing those.

food for thought. thanks!