Ability to Share Templates

I would love if we could download and share templates with other users allowing them to import those templates into their projects.

I have several followers that would like to emulate how we do things, and unfortunately, the only way for them to do that right now is to create everything from scratch.

I would imagine this would be a feature that your affiliates would like too. Being able to create and share templates to help people get started would be a great way to encourage people to try Monday.com for themselves.

hi @ClickedMarketing

Welcome to the community. You actually can do that although it is a little “hidden”. In the developers section (Avatars > Developers) you can create an App. Just give it a name and maybe a color and a logo and save the App. Next thing to do is to create a Feature inside this App (Create Feature button). Click the Workspace Templates. Now you see a screen with two tabs. The tab “Feature Details” is to enter some details, the date anchor is very cool as that is the 0-date of all your dates. When this is used a week later in another account this 0-date is set to the install date.

In the Workspace tab you pick a workspace, a landing board etc and of you go. This App can be share as one big templates for all the boards (including possible connections) in the selected Workspace.


I searched all over the place for this and the best I could find was an old thread from about two years ago of someone suggesting this as a feature that seemed to die off then.

I’m glad its available, but honestly, they should be able to add a method that is a little simpler than that.

Hey, so I followed these steps and created something but I can’t find it on the app store?

I created a topic here to try to see if there is another solution/would love to know if I am doing something wrong?

Hi Michael

I don’t think you can put these Workspace Templates apps in the marketplace (app store). What might work (never tested it myself) is to share your app and to mail the installation link to your counterpart(s).

I did try that, it showed up for them, but it didn’t actually have the button open the app?

Just to try to wrap up this thread - I got an answer on this other thread – you were correct, it won’t go in the app store but you can give the link to people to install it and then they can find it in their templates if they go to add a new one from the template center.

hi @MichaelMutz

Board duplication (and whether automations / integrations are carried over) keeps me suprising. If automations do not carry over I really don’t know a shortcut. I would ask the monday support team if they can have a look at this one.

It carried over like 23 of the 28 automations. I am just not sure why it is some and not others. I will reach out to support and see what they say.