Ability to Share Templates

I would love if we could download and share templates with other users allowing them to import those templates into their projects.

I have several followers that would like to emulate how we do things, and unfortunately, the only way for them to do that right now is to create everything from scratch.

I would imagine this would be a feature that your affiliates would like too. Being able to create and share templates to help people get started would be a great way to encourage people to try Monday.com for themselves.

hi @ClickedMarketing

Welcome to the community. You actually can do that although it is a little “hidden”. In the developers section (Avatars > Developers) you can create an App. Just give it a name and maybe a color and a logo and save the App. Next thing to do is to create a Feature inside this App (Create Feature button). Click the Workspace Templates. Now you see a screen with two tabs. The tab “Feature Details” is to enter some details, the date anchor is very cool as that is the 0-date of all your dates. When this is used a week later in another account this 0-date is set to the install date.

In the Workspace tab you pick a workspace, a landing board etc and of you go. This App can be share as one big templates for all the boards (including possible connections) in the selected Workspace.


I searched all over the place for this and the best I could find was an old thread from about two years ago of someone suggesting this as a feature that seemed to die off then.

I’m glad its available, but honestly, they should be able to add a method that is a little simpler than that.