Create & Share Across Monday Accounts New Boards with Automations

I have users in the same industry as me that love the way I have built my boards and set up automations etc.

Is there a way to share templates across Monday accounts without being an admin on both accounts and sharing boards that way (which I know is possible). I read in another topic something about doing this through an App, I tried to create an App of my board and I can’t find it in the app store so I am kind of confused by that since it doesn’t seem to work.

This is that topic: Ability to Share Templates

Hi @MichaelMutz - the official documentation is below:

Workspace Templates

I have used this many times before to share entire workspaces and it works well. Is this the steps you followed?


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Hey @mark.anley – Just wanted to post an update for other people. I figured out why I couldn’t find it in the app store and how to find it once I did install the app. I don’t think it actually appears in the app store, however, you can copy the link to install the app and send that to someone to install it. THEN, it still won’t be in the app store - but once the app is installed, it will be under “Choose from Templates” and then under whatever category it was set to be under!

Thank you for the help!

I do have one other question:

Some of the automations didn’t carry over. The ones I noticed without doing a real deep dive on it were the ones where subitems are created if a status changes to something.That is one of the better features in the templates I am trying to make. Do you know why that would be the case or a way to work around it?