Sharing a Board Template to be used by others into their accounts

I would need your help to advise how to share a board template with other users in or out of my organization with the board structure i.e., groups, automations, formulas & integrations, etc. so they can just add to their accounts and enjoy its functionality.
I read some topics speak about the same request & there was a webinar for the same by team but unlikely no replies nor a video link for the webinar that explains this crucial feature.
Thanks in advance.

Hey Ali!

This isn’t possible at the moment unless you use the cross account copier feature - which would require you to be an admin on both accounts.

Do you think that would be a possible workaround?

We are making some exciting announcements regarding templates so keep an eye out for those soon! :eyes:

Has the exciting announcement been made about this yet?
Would love to avoid the cross account copier if possible.

Ok. I think I found the announcement, but it’s not actually answering how to share outside the account.
Also there’s a link to a help desk article at the bottom of the page and it’s currently getting a 404.


Creating templates - including templates that consist of multiple boards that can be shared across accounts has been doable for some time. However, it requires using the app framework.

Basically, you have to create an app in the developer center, add a workspace template feature to it, and point it to the workspace you want to use as the template. You can then make the “app” available for sharing. No requirement to put it in the marketplace. When an account installs the app, they will then have access to the “workspace template” which will deploy all of the boards (with some limits) and structure of the workspace into the workspace like a template.

If you want further assistance, the developer community would be the best place to ask:

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Thanks Cody, super helpful.