Is there a way to migrate boards to other monday company account

I created some boards, vieuws and templates and would like to migrate them to another company using Monday inclused items, files, automations etc.
What is the best way to accomplish that?

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Hi, @OrionPax - Welcome to the community!

Are you familiar with the Developer options inside your account for monday․com Apps? You can create an installable app for an entire Workspace and then share it with someone else via an install link. It doesn’t have to go through the Apps Marketplace for direct sharing with another company.

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Obviously i wasn’t :slight_smile:
Thanks, i will try that!

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Let me know if you have any questions @OrionPax, happy to help by jumping on a screenshare.

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Hey @OrionPax,

Just wanted to follow up here! If you write into, we can also grant you a feature to duplicate boards you’ve made between accounts :blush:

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Hi again,
Raising this topic from the grave :slight_smile:
I am now arravied at the point that i need to migrate a workspace to another account.
I would like to include all the content, boards, files, updates etc.
How does that work with members, do they need to be created first in order to connect all updates and tasks to the right person again? Or should i export these as well? (not all members in my environment should be migrated)

Hi @OrionPax - I’m 98% sure that even if a member exists in the new account with the same email, migrating the workspace won’t automatically associate the tasks with them there. That’s because even if they have the same email, they will have individual unique user ids in monday. I’d have to test it to be absolutely certain that some monday magic isn’t happening, but I haven’t seen it so far.

Hi @PolishedGeek
Are you referring to the migration by generating an app as you suggested?

I was hoping that could answer me about the migration she was suggesting.

Hi there @OrionPax - I’m pretty sure the same holds true for both Workspace Template apps and Cross Account migrations. I’ve been meaning to do a big test between the two methods and document the differences, but haven’t had a chance yet.

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Hey @OrionPax! Thanks for raising this question :slight_smile:

Members won’t automatically be connected to updates and tasks in the new instance/account. I would recommend making a note of who is assigned to what first/exporting your data to Excel so that you can re-populate the assignments you’d like.

Main boards will transfer over. All automation recipes that are turned on will duplicate over to the new account. Crossboard automations will only work if the source and recipient board(s) that are duplicated are in the same folder. Info boxes and the activity log will not transfer over. Let me know if this helps!

Yes, this helps.
What should i do do get this going?